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Note: the English résumé is being updated (that includes the excerpt below). Work and merits will be updated. Swedish résumé is already up to date.


2011 - Bachelor thesis
Abstract and summary is in English. Title: Why online volunteer? – A qualitative study about motivations to engage and work for free at an art-oriented online community.

2011 - Awarded seniority at
Every quarter a few members are selected to be seniors by the Director of Community Operations. You are not told why, but a member can gain seniority because of his/hers community spirit or artistic endeavours. Simply put: an inspiration. There are 18 million members and a few thousands of them are seniors.

2006 - Scholarship when graduating senior high school

I graduated with 19.9 in GPA     (max 20) and got a “scholarship” of 1000 SEK and a diploma. I had the next best marks within the art programs (dance, fine art, theatre and music).

2006 - Certificate in Advanced English
I took a local course in which we studied for CAE. I got an A in the course because I got an A on the practice exam. On the real CAE exam I got a B (max A). I have a diploma.

2005 - Earned a grant to run a local youth magazine (EU project)

Ungdomsstyrelsen approved my application and granted us 60,000 SEK to run the magazine for a year.

2005 - Diploma in arranging public events

I went a two day course (12th - 13th of March) which gave me the basic training to arrange public cultural events that last 14 hours in total. I have a diploma from the organisation Studiefrämjandet.

2003 - Scholarship when graduating junior high school

I got a “scholarship” of 500 SEK and a diploma because I was the student in my class that had evolved the most in three years.


Founder & Manager
Organiser:      Me
When:            December 2009 - 
I have founded and manage the Kingdom of Sweden which is an inter arts group on the Internet. There are more than 1500 members right now and it grows every week. I approve all kinds of art and literature to the online galleries. I arrange contests, online and offline meetings, update the members with exhibitions and events outside the group. I answer questions, complaints and everything else between heaven and earth.

Staff volunteer
When:            March 2011 - January 2014
As staff I am making sure the members at the art community ShadowNESS like it there and follow the rules. I help with all kinds of problems and questions. I have started and handle the Love & Support group and the Mentor Program. Every Monday for a year I posted an article with positive images (Monday Feel Good).

Party Committee
Organiser:      Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences / Lunds universitet
When:            Autumn semester 2010
I organised a party (&ktoberfest) for the students and teachers at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences with eight other students. It was the first successful party at the department. I handled the seating arrangements and planned the quiz. I moved and laid tables and put up decorations.

Project leader/organiser
Organiser:      Me and three fellow students
When:            Spring to autumn semester 2010
We made an inter arts exhibition with works from students in fashion, comics and hip hop. We did most things together, for example: the project plan, project report and all meetings. I handled the marketing (social media, posters and press releases) and most of the venue hunting.

Steward in Safety – Night
Organiser:      Galaxen / Arvikafestivalen
When:            2007 - 2008
I worked with keeping the security at Arvikafestivalen’s festival area at night (11pm-9am).

Editor in chief
When:            2006 - 2008
An uncensored, nonpolitical and nonreligious national web magazine for all but was run by youths, 13-26 years old. My job was to ensure that the young journalists sent in their articles for publication and that I, in agreement with them, proofread, edited and gave constructive critique on their texts. 

Founder, Project leader & Chairman of the board
Organiser:      Intresseföreningen LUT (ILUT)
When:            2006 - 2008
An organisation which was first made to support LUT - Lidköpings UngdomsTidning (a youth magazine) and later on also and other projects. I coordinated and organised the magazines and projects.

Project leader
Organiser:       ILUT /
When:             27 Aug. 2007 - 14 Dec. 2007 (meeting: 23 - 25 Nov.)
I organised an educational meeting for’s young journalists and a concert with three bands.

Artist service – dressing room steward
Organiser:      Föreningen Peace & Love
When:            27 June 2007 - 30 June 2007
I took care of the artists when they were in their dressing rooms and I filled and emptied the dressing rooms. 

Exhibition manager & Welcome steward
Organiser:      Föreningen Gemensam Framtid – URIX
When:            17 May 2007 - 20 May 2007
I took care of the exhibitors and made sure they had everything they needed. Ten stewards worked for me. As a Welcome steward I made sure people who came to a nearby city got on the bus to the event. I was also a general help during the weekend.

Manager/Arranger & Director/Actress
Organiser:      UKM Region – Ung Kultur Möts Väst / KulturUngdom
When:            26 March 2007 - 22 April 2007 (festival: 20 - 22 April)
I was in charge of the opening ceremony, parade and workshops as well as directed and acted in the opening ceremony movie. I was also the “steward mum” which meant that I made sure that all the stewards were OK and that they got food and love. “Steward mum” was my own idea before the festival. I was also the one the stewards contacted if there was a problem and I made the schedule for the approximately 20 stewards who worked at the festival. It was one of the biggest UKM Region festivals in Sweden ever. 

Steward at UKD (Ungkulturdagarna)
Organiser:      Riksteatern
When:            16 March 2007 - 18 March 2007
I was in the info-desk. I learned to solve problems and help participants since both stewards and key stewards were understaffed with little or no information.  

UKM Arranger
Organiser:      UKM – Ung Kultur Möts Lidköping
When:            2004 - 2007
I have worked at the festival and arranged it in its total. Three local festivals and one regional.

Founder, Editor in chief & Magazine editor
Organiser:      LUT – Lidköpings UngdomsTidning
When:            2005 - 2006
An uncensored, nonpolitical and nonreligious magazine for all, which was run by youths (13-26 years old) and published both on paper and web. EU project with money from Ungdomsstyrelsen. I held in meetings at the editorial office, handed out assignments, made sure that articles were written and handed in on time and proofread. I also edited, in Publisher 2003, the 11 issues of LUT that came out as a paper magazine. 

Marketing manager
Organiser:      UKM – Ung Kultur Möts Lidköping / Nätverket
When:            2004 - 2005
We advertised at the local square market two Saturdays in a row by handing out flyers and having a sofa, a TV and a sign with the slogan “Don’t do like us, go to UKM”. Five stewards worked for me. I saved 70% of my budget by not going through the regular channels for advertising so that money was used for other necessities for the festival. Both children and pensioners came to the youth festival.


Bachelor of arts: Cultural science with specialization in cultural administration


[in Sweden you can study courses of your choice and combine that to a bachelor degree instead of studying a specific program with predetermined courses]:

Spring 2010 - Spring 2011
Cultural administration // Lunds universitet
(within this course I organised an inter arts exhibition with three fellow students)

Autumn 2009
Economics in culture, leisure & sports // Malmö högskola
Disability and cultural life (web course) // Malmö högskola

Spring 2009
The beauty’s mask (web course) // Högskolan på Gotland
Illustrator: Graphic design and production // Högskolan i Borås
Portfolio and graphic design // Högskolan i Borås
Graphic design and digital presentation // Högskolan i Borås

Autumn 2008
Web design basics (web course) // Umeå universitet
Group and social psychology (web course) // Karlstads universitet
Colour theory (web course) // Högskolan i Borås

Spring 2008
Digital imaging I // Högskolan i Borås
Digital imaging II // Högskolan i Borås
Greek mythology: introduction // Göteborgs universitet

Autumn 2007
Italian: preparatory course I // Göteborgs universitet
Project leading (web course, I arranged an educational meeting and concert) // Alma folkhögskola


[all courses decided by the school]:

Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007

Program:      Journalism
Courses:       Journalism basics, Media language, Mass communication and Mass media and law.
                    I also learned Joomla and InDesign.

Autumn 2003 - Spring 2006
Senior high

Major:          Theatre
Courses:       Among other things: Scenic leadership


Employer: (JGK Services AB)
When:             2012 - 2013
I jump in and help out when necessary, for example with packing for I have also helped to design a private web page and business cards for the owner.

Employer:        KulturUngdom
When:             24 Jan 2012 - 6 Mar 2012
I searched information, made a contact bank and a binder with everything you need to know about youth exchanges. I have heard my material since then has come to good use for the organisation. I also have a letter of recommendation from my supervisor.

Employer:        KulturUngdom
When:             25 April 2008 - 27 April 2008
I coached 10 youths from different cities during the UKM Region festival in Ale (Sweden).

Theatre group leader
Employer:        ABF Lidköping / Esplanadteatern
When:             2004 - 2006
I held theatre groups with children in the age 8-14, at Esplanadteatern in Lidköping. They got to, among other things, put up their own plays and Alice in Wonderland which they showed to the public.

Employer:        Lidköpings kommun
When:             Every Sunday (advent), December 2004
I worked as an elf/gnome for the local municipality. I attracted people into stores, handed out cookies, acted and was in general a help to the merchants of the town Lidköping (Sweden).